Tucker Albin Collection Agency Approach

Tucker Albin is a “people-driven” organization, upholding the highest level of business ethics and values. We understand the impact of competition, and the need to assist in the retention of customers, while resolving issues. Our approach in every application is based on a business conversation that is professional, resolving and conclusive.

We treat past due balances as if they were our own, although we never lose sight of the fact that it is your money we are collecting. Tucker Albin uses a variety of tactics and strategies to pursue debts, tailored based on your request and our assessment of what is most likely to work. We are extremely aggressive in pursuit of the debts, yet we realize an aggressive communication style is not always the most effective in collecting and maintaining strong client-customer relationships. It’s about understanding that frequently we are competing with other collection agencies and creditors for the limited funds a debtor has therefore we pursue claims very quickly, vigorously and continuously.

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We utilize a wide variety of resources and databases to allow us to become more educated about the individual debtors and give us more ways of contacting principals. This thoroughness shows debtors our tenacity and reinforces the message that we won’t quit until we’ve collected your money.

The method we use to collect overdue accounts is proven for businesses of every type and size, both in the your domestic market and overseas. It’s based on over 60 years of specialist debt recovery experience, and on our recognition of your objective, not only to secure full payment as quickly as possible, but also to maintain a good relationship with your customer.
As always…we thank our clients, friends and associates for your support and your business.

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